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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  March 6, 2016 12:30am-1:05am MST

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unfold next time on"monopololmillionair' club." [ cheers [ eers a applae ] >> all right. welcome back to th"monopy millionaires' '@ub." thiss the mome we'v' bebnn iting fo-- chato playy for million. how about th cheers andndppuse are gonna start with the catseion. rissy, yon $40,000. doou want to give up your $4000 for a chan to do he and playor
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[ audice shouting ] >> i'm'moing for it! >>ll rightcomemon out t re [ cheers and applause ] all right, he's the deal. you have five rolls. if you can pass "go," you and the lottery wis sitting g the cat section are gonna split 000000 >> $200,0. >> but if you can land exactly on "go,"ound you alone will win... >> $1 million. >> how abobo that? [ cheers and applause ] w, if that does happenenthe lottery winners in the cat section ll split tonight's audience jackpot of...$200,000. all righgh [ chee and applause e t in the middle of the board heres the monopoly rock 'n' roller, okay? it's gonon start sni thosese dice. when you want em stop, u hit that button once a take your thumbmbff it, okay? you got veolls to get arou board. good luck to you. araryou ready? >> i'm ready. [ eers and applause ] >> fire up that rock ' roller!
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the gate now. big number out of the gate. [ audience cheering ] 4! doubles.. 1... 2... .. 4. incomta all ght, l l's see whahait ys. x refund. $2,000. how about that [ [ eers and a alause ] and here's se good news. you rolled doubles. ( >> i get to go ogain! >> that's a free roll. u still got 5 too. aru ready? >> i'm ready. >> all right. fire up that rock 'n' roller! all rit,et's get a big number now big number. biginumber now. 10! very nice. 1... 2... 3... 5... 6... 7... .. .. 10. virginiavenue.e. how muchchs that worth? $7,000. you got $9,000 i ithe bank. you got 4 rolls to go. you' doi great. you excited? you feeling it? >> i feengt. a r rhtht fire up that rock 'n' roller!
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another big numberer let'go n n. 4.kay. 1... 2... 3... 4. tenvenue.e. how much is that worth? $9,000 more. [ [ eers and applause ] $18,000 inour bank. u're roughly halfway arounun the boar you still have 3 rolls to go. yon do this.s. fire up at rock 'n' ll! let's get a good numr now.let's gea goododumber. 4. nice. 1.1. 2... 3... 4. ay. four chance cacas in fro of yo some good things andnsome d things. which n`mber would yououike?>> 3, 'cse that's my lky numb. >> 3 is your lky`yumber. show me what's under card number 3! lose a roll. . but hfre's the good thing. you just got doublbl. yoyostill have 2 rolls, okay? now, here'at we don't wa. 8. we do not w wt an 8, 'cause
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u ready?& >> i'm ready. fire up that ck rolr! l boll w. we need a ro. verce 1... 2. 3... 4... ( p5.06... 7... .. pacific avenueve how much is that $1000. u t d36,00 the bank.k. yove$40,00to play. you'reosbackhere. 's the goonews yogot 1 and d that roll hpensbe 9,'re gowin milon chrs andlause ] >> yes. me on. 9 ybododin he, rt for 9. a2yoyiready? who yes, i'm r rdy roll that 9nd win $1 mlion. fire up that rock ' ller! come on, 9. >> 9, 9, 9. come on, 9. 7. 7. okay. p1...
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4. 5... 6.6. ts is not good. is is loalf yourank and the game is over. so y are gng to end up leavg with18,000. t hey,ououame wn, you totm a a ot at $1 millili. you' gonna split $18,000 with the cat section. thank you for beina a part of our gamechrissy. have a great day, okay? >> you, too.@. >> all rig! it oy happensnhere. it's the oy chce you have right here to come play r $1 million. so check youtteries. follow us on facebook and twitter, and tha you for watching the "monopoly
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[ eers and applause ] cops o oer a suspepe t stopop >> but he'sot going to doit. >> what had him rning a them gunning. two heroe rushh into a burninin buililng, wrehehe see -- >> two eyes glowing in theh smoke.>> how they y de a brave save just itime. > dadevil's ter climb makes your palms swe and then yo s s he's doing it without safety eqeqpment. why the view from a drone makes pit so muchorse.
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liveve tv. she's about to pop the big estion. p>> why his answer mes for one 0awkward moment. >>his is the worst. >> that's as od! > this video will make you say "omg." >> younow what, l's just watch. >> this isis ithelmet cam. were on a high-speed chase, chasingfter thaha darkear becaus it ran through a drug checkpointnt >> oh-oh. >> yeahah s s youee we're about to head offff on to the highwawa the chase is goingo goo o foror quite some time. we're out and about with other civilians who areunsuspecting. >> so just shoot past the other poce pkup truck ith middle, trying to bck the @lane. the chase gogsnor quiui some time when the car s sps and you hear somehouting from the police officers.
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>>ut he's not gng to do it. instead he startrt trying to back upup >> oh! >> yea the alsoo pulled out a & gun and stas to s sot at the car but stillllon't stop the oicer puts his gun back in the holster andhe chase is back on. can see why he was doing the turn-around now. i di't reize. when you lookone t t road, i losike they created a road block.k. >> after that, the offics wer ble tooeh right up side car when -- >> oh! >> ooh! >> more shots fired, but t car eps moving. >> kind disabled the wheels so that itorce h to op. >> youan tl bhe way it's anddish tling tt it 0cceeded wh theac le >> s sdenly t t carar hits airtt roadnd creates a tonf st. >>ouou o o follow tst you canhat car. >> considering this it reay dangerers for the motorcyclcle company, becse the roadd i i so unpredictae. at any mine can wipe him up >> the drir stk, andll of
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driver. >> you note the g with the helmet c had to wait f f support because his gun was pty. >> they fnd aargeuantitit o meth in this car. two officerssere injured. all of the cars involold took some prett decent damage. not a real surpri, tyan so hardd in thailand. th're very serioushen it comes t dru and theses are probably facing theeath sentence. thisideo sty a custs officer w w works for a a - colomb pole dertme ey we w wng tgh a ighbhbod,nd theypo @anbabaonon buiing on re.asasy'alngng arar, the ard methg. a dog barking. pand tyrealed you know what, we don't't have thegear w don' h fee te'veveot to n and figu o if w c s sthth dotheyt in throuoy a window th h bee bususd out,t, because, again, this is an abandod building. sot wasn't a great shape to begin withth they d d't hav gear , so they have to go back to the entrance,
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inue looki for the dog because the heard its cry. and you can see, allhefke, how dark in ere. did d u see at? >> can't see anything, to be honest wh you. >> you really can't see much in herere but watch this. right hereou do see a fla of something. >> i seefire. >> right aut , two e e glg in e oke. dhey saw it too. [ spspkingn foreign lalage oh,here he is! s. there he so o offic picks this creature nd they mir t. did d ueeowow cse thattog was to the flames oh, a h h lookedikeoo ared toove ve. heheasustke do. >>oo yoyo reckowa somedyessnd cinin n n ere,behe fe got o of& ha? >>y don't know. th'reyooking for theowr his g. here youou thehe checking his teeth to make suret's okay. is okay. nowhey're just l lkiki tooee wh twner may b or
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me. > when i sawusus the titfthis deo, reazed i was in forne heck of a ride. in fact, we all are. cocoteti of the guy. weave another one off these vivios, wheomebody -- >> no! >>ccorngng to the titlele of this deo, this is somebody climbing the world's tallest tv tower whout sety eqent. i't befo,hy d'tthey te dros witthem. thisimehey an it so worked. oncece gethe dro invovoedhis g makingis asas. thera bei he's im thehe la, he'e' g theoutside, mt terrifying rt,, onc he gso o e top,e's jus stan onhe two tiny bits mel. >> hsdi. >> i wonder if t tower mes at high? i bsel will if it's a windy day.
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is rig here as theamera pans around on the drone andnd reveals him at the top. >> meanwhile, se live reporter is wononring whyis or her live shot -- >e gets up to the top w heasasally is hugging that light t t warn loflying aircraft that this thing is there. for , it's actuauay wor when gets down a little to rt,us before the tenna star tooet really al w he sta on the edef o this pl. t's,nd it's jst himnd hi fithhe toe ove t ge. isideo absolutely incredible. i'l' tntire experience fo yuys ourte corbann endeavavs. head oveo anlinur m map theve bomemo e h hen ourciety, a mms cd es'mab inytsthe wo es lelispraft. t tn ugdathidaverern a
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oh they'reunning a7ay from itit >> s s slcool. that is mark, brendan smitit a visual ststteller traveling through this as a humamatarian. he just thought, what a great y to showff to thes the, and ey, think, love . maybe a a a little rried. >> i think that some o o them ght be teied, but year squeals and giggles ajoy. that gives me goose mps. at's so cool. >> isnhat eat? whwh a wonderful idea for mark bringng outhe drone. he knew - - i i sure he knew it would be a crowd favorite >ood as this video is, want to see t one f the dron >> don'tyou, thgh? that would be money. >> i do to iove whenamaaarndyou'reri aou ethid jt e,
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ey'rehasisi a ait ey runnini awa it - it i a pe moment ihis short clip. [ bleep ]. a wan ramsnto aunchch of ca. and ctinues todrive. >> s s whoes tp her and wh s's nowhe near ne.>> a h hs a big, strongguy. fi outf girls reay d wis they could dan likehim. >>otgame, bututo hips t t support that wine. heeedso havee thi heels. if y'rif you're gointo say "betr ingredient better pizza."."
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closed captioning provided by: oothsoftens. ducebump72 pcent go b ulmate lotion. ultite ski
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double hockey stitis video of the week. th woman is rming her car through the parkingot of an apartmtmt bubuding and youou see she too o those cars, and continuesso driviv [ bleep p speaking in foreign langua ] >>eoplen the parking lot see all o thiss going down, and they start to approach the car, cell phone in hand, to get it anca. i theustscoed as af refit. olks deug is en theppacher,r, y see's cl ey'r ,he calal wn gotououn ca, stop. here where she f fps them the bird, and then she tak off driving again. the fksroundhear think that she was intoxicated, because this just continues. >> itall the refusing of the engine, it'slmost like someone is driving a manuall that's never drenen manual not
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>> this is prey reckless. she takes off again after hitting tlue car. you seehe scratch on the mper. >>ow did they not force her to op drdrin i'm wh you. i woulde doingna mething, tearing the door open. >> it does escalate to that in becse in total, s endsp hitng 17 cars. theyhink she's trying to get aw whenheytop her and finally get her out of the car. anddust when y y thoughtt - cocodn't get any worsf, shehe starts walking away, andnd t tn she attacks. ooh! >> shehetarts swinging. >> the heckk is this woman's proble >>y srt try teter decoroyeter b h car. eyeyay she stayedhe unt ce rid, but thi ent situation, i ge to olks o deced to c ctrol it,ven though they couldn op the dadages. can you igine if she got out on to the streets? ititefinity could have been a lot worse.e. >> oh!
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she belelgs o my friend ban laurel. she is jus 2 weeks old, and dad is t tin to get her to settle & down. he tried everytytng. taing to her, cooing at her, laughingt her. this the onehing tt works to get her to stop crying. dadak o the officia trairf "starars, the force awakens. at first, she's not having y of it. t as they say, wait for it. p[ baby cooing ] >> she ope h h eyes. >>oh, my goodne! >> oh my good! totallylyaugh hatntn! it's thesi gb othe ch. >> iav fng wn t ai>> f i sonit hda ed mtrio >>e'll youther
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ddy-dahter vi than s he toohis daugneriroller coaster de, and the didn' knowowow sheas goingng to react, bu as youanee from thehig smile on her face s loved it.t. >> just love that. th love being tossed around d scared, bau they think it's the coole thing ever theydo.l what's rlly co,, ust made theeight requirement, which they were worried about. it w 90centimeters, she is 93, s she goto r re her first roer coaster. trere se people out the that s athing tt a guy can d girl c c tter. >> uh-huh.. you know whatat it'a twway ststet. >> oh-oh. why? because, check this t. >> how aboutnow? >> i aeady agree. give him a pa. he a't goitsto support
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so bobo, boom. >> hannkkeaturing dre, he's cinlyfeelheic yeah de g ve 'sve t yeng t make thi a twway see kind of arment, y needo do tssnn heels. >>boom hisis wk bootse he's got on are so easy to dcece in. t heels!>>no. >> all ght,then. >> a lot of peopl areinding this videoretty cool. you can actctlly see, it's t tens of mlions of s, a ndreds of thwusands a@ shared hts guy ds have se skill. t there i a rea behind at. we can c o his insgram right here wherere ashley says he isis dance instructor. >> oh. >> and youanee all kinds of othe vids aphotos, and alalookkt the size of h thhs! i thin the reasoso it's trending so much, he's a strong guy, b at t se time -- >>is games strong.
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doing a workout in front of a rror, but this video i like fire acrossshe interweb. > a camouflage clearly works, because she doesn't rlize that -- >> rih her, tt'sser man. the menenhe bhorort e any aun >> what? plus, mixhxntaiaiai king and dirikin andee why this a r r r f a mping goodime stdditioto olivegaen's lchuos nu paedith yo cic limisoupr lad artingju6.6. think of it as a quesalla th ea fluent italian olive garden 85% of men say eating right helpprepare them for a healthy future. t up to 90 fnll shortin getting key nutrients . ....rom food a ane.e let's do more. adone a day memes ... ..omplete multivitamin. with vitamin and magnesium to help support healthy bloooopressure. one a day. , i'm henry winkler and i know there are many myththout there about
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>> promotional csideraraon provoved by: ve. that's a fact. but t is wle "bndes have more fun" thing... standing by r fu when i ha breako om eema, i feel like i'm this shelel ldond eczezeelief relievesive frustrtring sympto of ecza. my skin's back. a spoonfulf bmx r rers mix
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pmotain bikers, a stirtp wiwi s dirt bere int big greenol hilil bowlf new zealand, and y gethis. >> always doing an event withh notttt bmx. in thihi case,t's bmx,ouotain bike and smsm and a three in oneveve to b% a par of it unreal. >> fm jams at you get. the fruit ly,ho has large plotf land did to pu aside a plottlfand for this. to bld a track and invite aa buh of guy to@ come onn and have a blt. oh, ye. i forgot tt little dash of ingredient called bre bowl. it just mes it-he cool pa about ts eve called jam i that thehe guysll get together and de. it's competition, but it's not like a competitionike xgames. theeuys are aut there
12:58 am
it looks so much lik a music festival. watch this trick here,nd whoosh. >> wow. >> atrip. >an you imagineaving tt pmuch propertyhere you say,y, hey, red bull, we're going to ju do some hills and se stuff. you think youuys want to come wn and bring somefrnds? >> but ty'y' coo in zealand. ee sny extreme srts you . it's the num one plao be. ihihige oocdi ct a b bakllf f ti. noatatr w w w ouedodog. but thi pculala ptu beintakes aually kof spececl. lea foror this girlting at the end of the tata as thee picture is aut to be tan, y see that somebody susuenppears right behind her. that's her man. >> w. >> whoas been depyed ands just now coming back. >> that camouflage is working, because she's completely unaware he's there.
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e big r real with a kiss. >> oh! she gets up gives him aigug ddasically stays there f f th rest of thisideo while everyone else is like, okay, this is great. it's - >> notht w, she not. all of these homecomin are alys amazing, because they're alysurisingnd aays ve nal. juju likess next one. exce i i this , thiss man's mari son is comin bac home. t he's revling his r rurn ke this. dad sits down to look at thth menunu ais staura, waing r hisis servero come youou -- >> hi, y'all. >> tookkhe longay around the booth. whe theerver comes t ask r t orde it turns out it's his son. >> byhe looks of it t server iss getting quiti the tip or really likes the sandwich.
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the remainder of it dad a sonhuggind@heholememe that didn't tlong! >>he o liv tv witit p tig ques.>> i iov y so mu >>ut s whyhy h chance att romance is a autut to get rllll &
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wilyou marry hen itomes to it, there pis anternalal debate. at dececionever needs to be madedeagain.
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ever made. bebeuse it isp an an log@g clock. when itt activates -- itraws out the time in digital rmat. this clolos m me up of over p400 wooden pieceshat a 22-year-old art student put together as a project. is possiblbl the most beautiful time piece've ever seen in my life. >> not even sws. >> is that like an etch-a-sketch type of screen? is that wt that is? >> that's exactly what it is, ck. sically, it tilts back, and en drawachth numbers in turn. >> you said he was astudent.t. i'm going to cat off -- do you think? peopop a just bwn away. - as y can see, almt 200,000 retweets so far. >> about te. >> award-wiing performance.
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>> >> suld a woman propose to a man? >> yeah, heck yeah! re. >> okay. we stand s sit at thee tatae, because i'm witityou. butthis happens. >> the cououe is helen and mark it's febebar 29th, traditionay known as babaelor's day. that's where women can propose to their men.n. it hpens e ery@aeap ye. - soso once every four years, w w will not jutge you, laes. great. so n n i have t wait four years? >> well, thiis a special day today. >> is it? >> r for your life! >>e tv! >> that's this rning. th'snational. >> they are liven i-tv's moing program. she is aut t t pop the big question.
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>>nd y y're my soul mate. anan every leap -- >> yeah. >> sl mate? the eyes keep darting to e tv and her. >> ll, tay've ce too ask you, will marry me?e? >> i have tohink about that for a bit. >> oh, now i i need to think autut it! that's as gd a a no. good grief! >> le televisi. >>oh! >> he was msing with her! >> yes. >>his is why women shouldn't prpre t me becausee men will make a je. he has to make a gag out of it. so you know what, yeah. women just s syes. >> what do youxpect us to do? we're not going o do the snsnfles. >> oh,, my gosh >> everybody is so lieved >> did y y ever dream helen pwould dooomething like this? >> uh, yeah.
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i'i' going to orecord for sasangnghis is the bespe prosal ever. >> ngtulations!s!


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